Photo challenge to help you through the coronavirus

Photo challenge to help you through the coronavirus

Hi I’m Jess!

I am a children and families portrait photographer (more about me here).  I am also a Mum and know how hard it is going to be to have everyone at home together for a long period of time.  

So I am setting up a little daily photo challenge to help adults and children alike to be mindful and creative whilst stuck at home. Come and join me where I hope to build a lovely community where we can feedback on each others photographs and be connected during this time of social separation.  Photography is amazing for grounding yourself and focusing the mind on simple things.  It enables you to appreciate all that surrounds you and block out the negative chatter.

What you need:

  1. All you need is a camera (any type – compact, DSLR or your everyday mobile) – The best camera is the one that you have with you. 
  2. You and your own unique creative mind.  

Why get involved?

  1.  It is a mindful process to help you focus on the simple things in life and get your creative juices flowing.  Fantastic for adults and children alike. 
  2. You will improve you photography skills helping you to develop skills to help you record your story today and for the rest of your life.  I will be checking in so if anyone has any technical questions or would like some constructive feedback I am right here to assist!
  3. You will see the world around you from a different perspective
  4. It could become a really interesting record in future years of how life is at this strange time – something to look back on in years to come.  The everyday things that have changed and the little things that make us smile.

How it will work:

Each Saturday  I will post a list of prompts for the following week on my @PerspectivesDev Instagram account and on my facebook page (Perspectives Photography Devon)- one for each day. Try and tackle them in order if you can but this is just for fun so if you post late or on a different day or miss days out it doesn’t matter – just post as often as you can! No pressure. This is supposed to be a mindful relaxing process.

If posting on Instagram:  When you post your image on your account please:

  1. Put the prompt title in the comments
  2. Add the hashtag #perspectivesphotochallenge
  3. Tag me @perspectivesdev so I can see your beautiful images.  I will be selecting the odd one or two to post on my stories.
  4. See what others have been posting over the weeks in my stories highlights @perspectivesdev 

If posting on facebook: 

  1. Go to my facebook page – @perspectivesdev
  2. find the pinned post at the top with the link to a private facebook book group called Perspectives photo challenge. 
  3. Press the join button. I will give you access as soon as I receive a notification. 
  4. Get shooting and posting!  

If you prefer not to post your images on social media then that is totally cool – you can still join in the challenge and benefit from the learning and mindful process. Keep your photos in a folder together, make a photo book or print off your favourites.  You never know you may create some new artwork for your walls at home! 

I am happy to provide constructive feedback if you are keen to develop your skills.

Things to remember:

Don’t expect every image to be perfect!  Part of this challenge is about improving your photography skills gradually.  Some days you will be happier with your images than others.  It is important to see the project as a journey of improvement and some time out rather than seeking out perfection from the word go!

Whilst ideally the photographs you take could be taken on each of the days if you have something on your phone already then feel free to use it even if it hasn’t been taken on the exact day.

Important rule: Please do comment on posts of others – let’s create a community where we can learn from each other and share our experiences. This is a place to be constructive, supportive and positive so please, no negativity.

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