Commercial Shoot with the fabulous Oyster and Pearl

Commercial Shoot with the fabulous Oyster and Pearl

Since I have been self employed I have been lucky enough to come across some truly amazing suppliers.  Local business people, who, like me are passionate about what they do.  So I thought I would dedicate a bit of time to one of my favourite’s, Oyster and Pearl Design.  Run by the extremely talented designer, Casey Blackmore prepare to have your socks blown off by the quality of the Wedding Stationery that comes out of her design studio.  I had honestly never seen anything so beautiful.  And trust me.  I am a stationery nerd!

I have photographed Casey’s work a few times now and I have to say I love these days.  You see not only is Casey a stationery extraordinaire but she also goes to great lengths to style her shoots.  I can not emphasis enough how important this is to make your product photography really stand out from the crowd.  If you want lifestyle type imagery then styling is very important  as it helps your customers visualise how your product could be used within a setting.  So background is important.  There will be times where a simple background is important so you can concentrate on the details of the products without distractions.  Other times you may want to sit the product within the environment which it is designed, for example in a home to help people visualise how it will look.

This particular shoot we did at Rockbeare Manor as we were photographing her latest range of stunning wedding stationery.  The brief was to capture the stationery within the context of a wedding so we set up tables styled as they might be on a wedding day.  Rockbeare Manor provided a hint of the elegant background for the wider environmental shots.  We also needed to show the whole range of products, simply laid out using the beautiful stone floor of the receptions room for a subtle indication towards the venue.  With the high quality work that Casey was producing it was also important to show details – the lettering, design elements and textures of the finished products. This is an important element of what defines Casey’s high quality work.  You can see examples of the imagery that we produced for her ‘Great Gatsby’ and ‘Love Is The Greatest Adventure’ collections.

To find out more about our commercial lifestyle sessions and to see more examples of Casey’s beautiful work you can click through to the Commercial Lifestyle section of the website here.

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