Commercial Photography at Rockbeare Manor

Commercial Photography at Rockbeare Manor


Commercial Photography at Rockbeare Manor


Every so often I walk into a place and feel totally relaxed, inspired and invigorated all at the same time.  The kind of feeling you get when you go to a spa.  Well that is exactly how I felt when I visited Rockbeare Manor for the first time for a commercial photography shoot, and actually every time since.

I have been lucky enough to undertake a commercial photography shoot at the recently renovated  accommodation of this beautiful Manor House.  Well let me tell you … I was in my element.  It has been beautifully restored maintaining its  historic character whilst bringing in a beautiful palette of contemporary complimentary colours.   The very fact that it has been professionally designed by an interior designer ( meant that absolutely no styling was needed for the shoot – it was all there for the taking! This place exudes luxury and took all my willpower not to crawl in under the bed sheets for a cheeky snooze or sink down in the roll top baths for a quick soak!  A total joy to photograph.

Days like these are all about capturing not just a straight wide shot of the room but more about focusing in on specific design features to show the individual character and luxury of each space.  That is the joy of commercial photography shoots. Each business has a different need so there is great variety in the type of things I shoot.  Some shoots are focused around people and processes and some, like this one, more around places and general ambience.  If you would like to tell the story of your business through beautiful imagery then you can find out more about our stylised commercial photography shoots on our website.



Blue Room at Rockbeare Manorturquoise Room at Rockbeare Manor luxurious bathroom at rockbeare manor red Room at Rockbeare Manor the pavillion at Rockbeare Manor luxurious bathroom at rockbeare manor luxurious bathroom at rockbeare manor bridal suite at Rockbeare Manor the Blue Room at Rockbeare Manor

Those coming to Rockbeare Manor for a wedding or special event  will have an amazingly luxurious break.  If you think the bedrooms look inviting you should see the rest of the house and grounds.  I could have spent weeks here photographing the great ballroom, the library, billiards room or the grand exteriors.  I hope to return again soon but in the meantime below you will find a few highlights from the stunning newly refurbished bedrooms.

If you know someone looking for a wedding or events venue or you’re just curious you can find out more about Rockbeare Manor here.

Blown away by the interior design?  You can contact the interior designer Alexandra through her website here.

Finally, if you’d like to discuss a commercial shoot with me, please do not hesitate to get in touch – I look forward to hearing from you.

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