Stunning Garden Rooms – a commercial shoot for Halls Garden Living

Stunning Garden Rooms – a commercial shoot for Halls Garden Living

Don’t you just love the unexpected? One of the things I love the most about a commercial shoot is that the work is so varied… You never know what sort of people you will meet and the amazing projects that people are undertaking off their own back.

Today’s blog is about Halls Garden Living, a local business that I photographed who design and build the most amazing garden rooms. If you are thinking simple timber structure, perhaps like I had in my head then think again!

When I went to visit Jo and her garden room I was totally blown away. This was no garden shed! Jo and her husband Stuart had created the most beautiful garden rooms. This commercial shoot was all about not just the shell but the potential for a client to have, should they wish the whole package. The stunning cladding, decking, the interior design and the beautiful landscaping outside. The brief was to show all of these elements, the detail of the materials used, the high quality finishes and the considered design of the interiors and exteriors. An essential part of the brief was to show the wide variety of uses of these amazing spaces and show visually how they can help people create additional space to meet their own lifestyle requirements. As the building had been beautifully designed with exterior lighting it would have been rude not to have done some night time photography as well – it looks so cosy! You can see some images from their shoot below.

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Jo and Stuart both appreciated the need to put a face to the business – something that I feel very passionate about. So we shot a small selection of commercial headshots of them using the garden room as a backdrop. People often cringe at the thought of a portrait of themselves as part of their commercial shoot but think how many times you go to the about page of a website. This is about personalising your business and making you friendly and approachable giving you the edge over big faceless corporations.

Garden Office

If you have a business that you’re passionate about and you need some eye catching commercial photography to show your professionalism then please do visit the commercial lifestyle section of the website or call for a chat (01392 464519).  I build bespoke packages around your needs whether you simply need a headshot, product photography, environmental portraits, story telling imagery or all of the above.  I can offer some friendly guidance to help you get the best out of your shoot.  You can see how Halls Garden Living used their imagery on the website here.

Did you know I also shoot family and children’s lifestyle sessions, women’s fine art portraits and musicians.  Find out more at the website.




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