How to take better family photographs this summer

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If you are struggling to take a good family photographs but want to record a bit of your story this summer then keep an eye on the blog. Coming up is a series of tips to help you take better photographs this summer to record your story. We will be looking at different types of imagery, clothes, props and locations as well as who to photograph and of course what to do once you have captured your images. Toes curling at the thought of being in front of the camera? Read the first blog below all about getting in the frame!


How to take better family photographs this summer:  Rule number one – get in the picture!

Today we start by looking at the ‘who’ to photograph. Did you know that I could have retired by now if I had a pound every time someone (usually mums) said they didn’t want to be in the photograph! I included myself in this…. that was… until I had children then I realised that actually I would quite like to be recorded in my family history. I decided it was time to put on my big girl pants and get in the frame. There was a serious risk my children would think they were brought up solely by Daddy!

If I am honest I didn’t like any pictures of myself so I avoided taking them. Then it dawned on me that the more I got in front of the camera the more chance I had of finding a picture that I liked. A picture that I would be happy for my children to have as a reminder of me not just today but in years, and in fact, generations to come.

how to take good photographs

My boy and I. Finally after years of camera avoidance I pass the camera over to my husband and request a photograph.  Look what happened.  It’s not perfect but it is very us. Josh has his eyes closed, my face is all squashed up, my hair is short (not my favourite) and I have a great big camera rucksack on my back.  Not your traditional portrait but there is a connection there and I love it as it shows my bond with my boy.  Had I done my usual, spent the day photographing Josh and Daddy and not asked the question I wouldn’t have this memory.

Your homework:

So I set you some homework… just get in the frame this summer. This is not just about photographing the cute little people (as tempting as it is to devote our entire photo albums to them!) rather it is telling your family story … and that includes you!

For those seeking extra brownie points…don’t wait for someone to offer to take you photograph… ask someone to take it! Yes… go on… be brave. This is not vanity. This is your story. Once you’ve done your Mum duty and photographed Dad with the littlies on the beach then ask to swap with Dad and get in the frame yourself! Simple hey? I know life is hectic especially with the little ones running around all over the place but make a conscious effort. Even if it means the photograph is chaotic… the dogs chewing your shoe (again)… the baby’s eating a sandy sandwich, little Johnny’s wetsuit is clearly 3 sizes too big and the beach tent is about to blow away in the wind. It is your story and one which you can go back and laugh about and relive again and again. Be a part of it. Let them know you were there!

Coming up next time…

On the note of story telling … pop back over onto the blog next week as we look at how best to tell your family story through lifestyle type everyday images. Is there still a place for formal imagery? Find out more next week.

Need inspiration?

I have included a few images for inspiration below.  You can find more family portrait ideas in the children and families gallery on the website. If you’d like someone to take the stress out of your family photographs then have a little read of our children and families page here to find out more about our shoots or call Jess for a chat on 01392 464519.

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