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Product Photography

Investing in eye catching photography is the easiest and most effective way to improve the professionalism of your brand both online and in print.  If you have been trying to do your own photography but end up spending lots of time on it and being disappointed with the results then I may be able to help you!  Your time could be more profitably spent working on your products or tackling one of the million other jobs on your business list!  Read on to find out what sort of images I can produce for you, how it all works and how much it costs.

What sort of images do you shoot? 

Simple Product Shots


Simple products shots on a clean background without props. An absolute staple to show the product in it’s simplest form. Ideal for online shops.


What’s in the box


What’s in the box shots are perfect for showing the customer exactly what they are going to get. This avoids any misunderstanding upon receipt of goods.

Your products in use


Showing your products in use can help people imagine what fun you can have if they purchased your products and how your products might actually work.


Lifestyle Images


Lifestyle Images are a lovely way of helping people imagine what it would be like to have your products in their homes.


Your raw materials and tools


If you want to introduce a bit of story telling to your marketing you might want to shoot some of your raw materials and tools.  This gives you the opportunity to talk about your product and what makes it so special. That it has been designed or made by you using the very best materials. 


The details


I love a detail shot – lovely and close in with my macro lens.  A chance to show off the special elements of your product.  They can be really eye catching on your grid too… almost abstract and makes people look twice to work out what is going on!


Flat lays


These are great if you want to show ‘what’s in the box’ laid out flat to avoid confusion with customers.  They are also useful if you have a seasonal themed product and want to add interest with props.  They can be great eye catchers on the grid.

Collaborations with other brands


Ideal if you need your products photographed with another brand when you are doing a joint venture or a competition for example. 


Your packaging and branding


This is a brilliant one for showing your professionalism.  If you have spent ages putting your brand together to get it just right then let’s show it off!

How It Works

Step 1

Planning: It is essential that I understand your business before I shoot images for you to make sure that I stay on-brand.  We discuss what you need by going through a questionnaire to determine colours schemes, styles and backgrounds, styling and crops to fit in with your existing brand and Instagram grid. From this we create a shot list that fits your budget. 

Step 2

Post your products:  Send your products and any required props to me. I do have some props here which I can use to save posting if necessary.  

Step 3

The shoot: This will take place in my studio or home location depending on the brief. It will take place on a pre-determined date and time so that you can stay involved as the images start to come through and tweak anything as necessary.

Step 4

Editing:  Your images will be post produced to ensure colour and exposure corrections. These images will be a clean edit without any stylised (eg film) looks. This is to ensure that the colours of your product are accurate and that they sit alongside the other images in your feed. If you have specific editing needs please do ask. 

Step 5

Choosing your images: You will receive an email inviting you to view your online gallery. Here you will find lots of variations of your shots from which you can choose your favourites. Your package includes 15 images (per hour booked) which you can select from your gallery. I will then do any fine-tuning edits on these. If there are additional images in there that you like you can purchase these on top for £10 each.

Step 5

Receiving your images:  I will send you two sets of images – one high res for all uses – printing, promotional material, website etc. One set of images cropped and sized ready for Instagram use.


The power Hour £150

These sessions are designed specifically, image by image, around what you need – a close up of materials, a detail shot of this product, a flat lay of that one… a swatch image, a lifestyle shot of this one, a flat lay for a competition… it is literally a pick and mix of exactly what you need. Got a big list? No worries!  Additional hours can be purchased (£150/hour) – all discussed and agreed at your pre shoot consultation.

Suitable for a business:

  • Which is brand new and looking for a core set of key images to get up and running 
  • Which has been up and running a while but has a random list of photographs that they need to fill gaps
  • Looking for a set of beautifully lit consistent product shots for an online shop
  • Looking to update their image bank with images for new products
  • Looking to capture some ‘in use’ lifestyle images to show off their products
  • Looking for a set of images to brighten up their Instagram
  • Wanting to tell their story showing your raw materials, tools and anything else that tells your story – ideal for Instagram or blog posts


The Subscription Service (£650 annual or £225/shoot)

Planning for your whole year’s photography in one shoot can be overwhelming and a big expense. My subscription service allows you to break it into several manageable chunks across the year. Allow me to become an extension of your team. Together we will brainstorm ideas to help achieve your product goals and guide you through the seasons. I will be with you every step of the way.

I am offering a limited number of clients the option to join a subscription service.  This will include:

  • 3 shoots across the year: January/ February, May/June and July/August to capture the different seasons
  • Each shoot will be 2 hours long and will work in the same way as a the power hour. I shoot what you need
  • A reduced hourly rate for photography (saving £250/ year on 6 power hour slots)
  • First refusal on slots on our location shoot days in a luxury venue

Pay up front £650 for the year or instalments of £225 per shoot (due a month before each session).

The subscription service is specifically designed for those who:

  • Regularly introduce new products throughout the year
  • Need seasonal content to promote their business
  • Run a subscription service needing specific imagery of each box -allowing you to shoot a few boxes at a time rather than having to prepare and photograph an entire year’s worth of different sets ups in one go
  • Need lots of regularly updated content

This option is ideal for someone who needs to spread the cost of their shoots across the year rather than one large shoot.  They will operate in the same way as our power hour service where you pick and mix images you need. We can cover your product shots, your Instagram promotional material, any images needed for promotions or blog articles – and we can style it out exactly for the right season!  We can even shoe horn in a few story telling images.. using your raw materials or tools of the trade. 

Examples of the variety of images that can be achieved for your small business

Beach House Botanics

The first part of the brief for this client was to create a selection of lifestyle images for the website and social media which hint towards luxury and relaxation.  This helps a client imagine how these candles would make them feel. The second part of the shoot was dedicated to creating a full set of overhead product shots styled by each individual fragrance of candle for an online shop.

Festive Fingerprints

We shot this seasonal shoot in August in preparation to launch for Christmas.  We showed:

Cards in situ

Flat lays of what is included in the kit

Some ideas of what to do with your ink pads once you have made your cards – e.g. gift tags

Some details of what makes these cards so special – ‘finger printed with love by…’

The beautiful packaging and branding to show this is a professional business.  It also gave talking points about sustainable packaging

Collaborations with other businesses – ideal for competitions and where you want to share with other instagrammers to further your reach. 

Sewcial Circle

I bought this pom pom making kit for my daughter. Everything was so beautiful I thought it a great opportunity to show how a kit like this could be photographed to show:

What is included in the kit
The beautiful components – the stunning bamboo tool (no scruffy card board circle here!)
Close Ups showing how thick and luxurious the wool is
Some pictures of the joy that this kit creates
The end product – a pom pom!


Oyster & Pearl Wedding Stationery

The brief of this wedding stationery shoot was to capture:

The stationery in use – styled with other wedding components like table decorations to help people visualise how amazing it would all look

The set of stationery as a whole as a flat lay to show what you would get in the set

Close up details of the elements that give the wow factor – the wax stamp to seal the invitations, the shine on the gold embossing, the texture of the luxurious paper stock and the hand tied ribbon.  These are the unique selling points that make this product so special. 

Farmer Christmas Children’s Book

These images were captured as part of a full day ‘behind the scenes’ shoot for the Farmer Christmas brand.  The product elements that were photographed and would be achievable on a remote product shoot included:

Styled flat lays of the books 

Images to post on instagram showing the book being wrapped with beautiful traditional wrapping showing how special and traditional this book is

How the books are packaged with branded stickers and postcards

Atmospheric story telling images with twinkly Christmas tree lights in the background

Close ups of the beautiful original paintings by the illustrator showing these books are lovingly painted by a true artist

Children reading the books

Hartnack & Co

The brief:

Detail shots to show the exceptional quality of these hand made boxes

Styled images to show what the boxes could be used for – in situ and as flat lays 

Details to show points of interest like the beautiful gold emobossing and silver foiling

Colour options on a given product

Keen to get cracking?  Next steps…


Keen? Let’s do this and crack your photography goals once and for all!  Simply drop me an email using the form below and I will send you a questionnaire to help you to clarify your thoughts on what you need.  Once complete I will be in touch to chat some more about how I can help you and to give you a feel for costings depending on the amount of work needed.  Let me guide you though the process so we can create the beautiful imagery that you have dreamed of. What are you waiting for? 

If you don’t receive your questionnaire then please do check your junk mail.

Get in touch – Let’s make a plan together!




Jess is a joy to work with, not only because she is a lovely person but because her work is nothing short of exceptional. We have worked together on several commercial projects and each time I can be 100% confident that the photographs will be perfection. Jess is able to capture details you wouldn’t think possible. Her eye and creativity are second to none and her style so versatile she can adapt to any project flawlessly. I have no hesitation in recommending Jess to all of my clients and the results are always stunning. – Casey at Oyster and Pearl Design (Graphic Designer)


I had a commercial shoot with Jess and cannot recommend her highly enough. She was a pleasure to work with. Jess worked so hard to fulfil everything I needed for a new website. She had to work with both the weather, children and animals, alongside the rest of the brief, and did it all with ease. Thanks so much Jess!  – Rachel, Old Trickey’s Flower Farm (Business Owner)

Farmer Christmas

We are a small business but we knew we needed to up our game in terms of our social media presence. We had a really clear vision of how we wanted our brand to come across but we had worries about whether we would be able to convey this to someone else.

However, Jess was amazing and immediately put us at ease. she was fantastic at working through what we wanted to achieve out of the shoot and also outlining what we needed to do to make the shoot as successful as possible.

On shoot day Jess was such a professional and worked so hard to get exactly what we wanted- and we had a long list of images! She was great at guiding us through all the different shoot scenes and pushing us through the shoot list.

We were beyond thrilled with all our final images. Jess really captured the look and feel of Farmer Christmas and made sure all our formatting worked for social media.

The images have already made such a huge difference to our brand image and awareness on social media. Every photo helps us to tells a story and showcase our products to our followers. Thank you!

Beach House Botanics

The shoot with Jess was great from start to finished. I was initially nervous as I wasn’t sure what to expect. Jess quickly put me at ease and went above and beyond to get the images I needed. The images she captured were perfect and exactly what I wanted for my brand. Now my website has professional images which I think has defiantly made a difference. I will be using her again in the future.