Why have a branding shoot?

It is well documented that photography has an important impact on the professionalism of your brand. You have a matter of seconds to engage someone when they come into contact with your marketing material whether that be a website, social media feed or printed material.  A strong image could be the difference between someone staying on your website or bouncing on to another more professional looking site.  Similarly an eye catching image on social media is more likely to stop the scrolling and encourage people to click through to your page. I aim to create imagery to help generate interest in you and your brand. To tell a story about what makes you unique. And to do it artistically.


Who do I shoot for?

My branding shoots are designed for small businesses like myself. A million miles away from office-based corporations, small business have the benefit of having some really unique qualities that makes them different – be it people, processes, products or places.  You will see from the examples below that I have photographed for some amazing small businesses including graphic designers, wedding suppliers and venues, florists, artisan box and portfolio makers, fashion designers, tea makers, musicians, stationers, architects and interior designers.  Whatever the industry there is something there that makes each business unique. Your story and your personal brand.  That is what we aim to capture.

Personal Branding:  Telling your story

I personally have spent considerable time researching suppliers for my own business. This was a really eye opening experience and highlighted the importance of personal branding. I found myself drawn to the businesses which told their story. Those that provided a behind the scenes look at the business – that showed the work place, the care and attention that went into crafting the products and services and the people who were actually involved. I was fascinated by it and was drawn to them as a supplier as I bought into their whole business ethos. I developed a much stronger personal connection with them than I did companies who simply showed one product picture and a price.

Through my branding I aim to create a set of images that tell your story. Use these to strengthen your brand through your website, social media, promotional materials and of course, for your own little record of history. These are the photographs of the future which show where it all started!

Product Photography


Not every business will need story telling imagery.  It may be that you simply need some beautiful lifestyle type product shots.  In which case we can help you out! 

We often work out on location for architectural photography or interiors photography or where specific backdrops are required.  We also have a home studio set up where we carry out product shoots – ideal for where you need to shoot multiple products for a catalogue (to provide consistency) or where flat lays are needed. 

For ultimate flexibility we are able to accept products by courier, photograph them (after a detailed consultation on requirements) and then courier them back to you.  Job done.  This means that we can offer product photography to businesses all over the country…. or even the world! 


Our sessions aim to fill the gaps in your business in terms of photography.  Every business is different and needs different types of photographs so rather than build complicated packages our service is based on time.  We will then work together to build a shoot plan that creates images that are specific to your business.   You may simply need product shots or headshots.  However if, like many businesses you want to tell your story, you may need environmental portraits, images showing the processes involved in your business, your tools, materials, your premises and your staff.  Your customers love to see what goes on behind the scenes and it is invaluable content for your social media streams.  All of our sessions include:

• A pre shoot consultation to discuss styling, locations, props and logistics

• Shoot time (variable – see below)

• Post production (clean edit)

• An online gallery from which to select your chosen images. The number of images varies with the amount of hours booked

• 20 miles travel to and from your location (a mileage fee is applicable after this)

The Power Hour
(£195 – 1 hour)
  • 1 hour shoot time
  • Ideal for a basic product shoot – a handful of flat lay images to get a product off the ground (2-3 background options)
  • Or use your hour for a headshot session for someone starting out in business or who needs to update their profile picture
  • 10 images beautifully post produced
Branding Showcase
(£395 half day)
  • Ideal for someone looking for story telling personal branding images not just a headshot
  • Can be used as an extended product shoot giving more variety including lifestyle ‘in use’ images
  • Access to my comprehensive brand shoot preparation pdf guide
  • Pre shoot consultation via zoom or phone
  • 3 hours shoot time
  • Additional time allows for a couple of outfit changes and a second location option
  • Greater variety of images
  • Up to 100 beautifully edited images ready to use.  Ideal for those needing social media content.
Branding Showcase
(£650 – Full Day)
  • Access to my comprehensive brand shoot preparation pdf guide
  • Pre shoot consultation via zoom or phone
  • Ideal for extended story telling personal branding shoots 
  • A total of 6 hours shoot time
  • Additional time gives the option for several outfit changes and locations
  • Greater variety of images to cover lots of different uses – ideal for those looking for lots of social media and story telling material
  • Up to  200 beautifully edited images ready to use 

How to plan your shoot


I have a handy little questionnaire which will help with planning your session so you know exactly what you need, how long it will take and how much it will cost.  Use the contact form below to request one. 

Once you have filled this in then an initial phone consultation will help me understand your business, identify how you want to come across to your customers and what sort of images you need.  You may some need images for website, social media, magazine promotions (advertorials, adverts, features), wall art for premises or brochures. Understanding your own specific requirements is very important and influences how I shoot on the day.

Get in touch – Let’s make a plan together!




Jess is a joy to work with, not only because she is a lovely person but because her work is nothing short of exceptional. We have worked together on several commercial projects and each time I can be 100% confident that the photographs will be perfection. Jess is able to capture details you wouldn’t think possible. Her eye and creativity are second to none and her style so versatile she can adapt to any project flawlessly. I have no hesitation in recommending Jess to all of my clients and the results are always stunning. – Casey at Oyster and Pearl Design (Graphic Designer)


I had a commercial shoot with Jess and cannot recommend her highly enough. She was a pleasure to work with. Jess worked so hard to fulfil everything I needed for a new website. She had to work with both the weather, children and animals, alongside the rest of the brief, and did it all with ease. Thanks so much Jess!  – Rachel, Old Trickey’s Flower Farm (Business Owner)

Examples of previous branding and product shoots

Kelly Victor – Personal branding session
Halls Garden Living
Oyster and Pearl Design
MF Architecture
Josie Florence – Musician’s EP Shoot
Daisy Walford – Promotional musicians images
Interior Shoots