Women’s photo shoot: Fine art ballerina

Women’s photo shoot: Fine art ballerina

People often ask me what they should wear for their women’s photo shoot.  My answer is always the same… wear what makes you you. What do you want to remember? Who are you?

Most people assume that a photo shoot for women, as has been the case in the past, has to involve underwear. Whilst some of our shoots may touch on this I always encourage my clients to think much more broadly to create more variety than that and create something truly bespoke. More inspiration on its way in the forthcoming blog posts.

We start today with a women’s photo shoot of a very delicate and feminine ballerina. I photographed Ella who has been dancer since she was teeny tiny at the stunning Upton Barn at Cullompton. Ballet has been such a big part of her life that it could not have been left unrecorded.

You can find out more about our women’s sessions here on the website. What would you include in your images?


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