DanSci Show Summer 2023 – Photography

Welcome to the Perspectives Photography website!

The Rehearsals:

Hello to all the lovely DanSci super stars and their families!

I will be photographing all the dancers involved with the 2023 Show at the DanSci Studios during the rehearsal timeslot 12.30-4.30 on Saturday 24th June. We aim to photograph each dancer in their costume after they have done their run through for that specific dance and before they change for their next one.  However the rehearsal will be following the order of the actual show so where dancers need to make a quick change before their next dance please skip the queue or come and find me at the end and we can make some time for you then. 

These will be on a grey background in a similar style to those above.   In order to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity for photographs please encourage your child to practice a pose from their dance beforehand to avoid stage fright!  We have a lot of dancers to get through in a very short space of time so little things like this can make a big difference! 

The Show:

I will also be photographing the show on 9th July as a record of all the hard work that the dancers and dance school have put in to making the production come to life!  Whilst I can’t guarantee I will be able to capture everyone I will be trying my best to capture as many of the dancers as I can during the show either individually or as a group.  

How it works: 

Both the rehearsal images and the show images will be made available to purchase as prints or digital files after the show.  A link will be sent out in the DanSci newsletter to the gallery which will have both sets of images available to view and purchase online.  

All prints will be made available for collection from the studio before the summer break. 

No need to do anything now.  Just wait for the link to hit your inbox! 


Prints: Start from £7.50. Print packs available from £20

Enlarged prints (for you to frame yourself):  Start from £25 

Digital files: Start from £20 each. Sets also available