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Hi I’m Jess and I like to tell stories with my images. A little bit of me goes into every image that I take and I have built my business on what I personally feel is important to record as a woman, mum and a business owner.

The motivation behind my imagery:

Photographs are very important to me. Don’t get me wrong I am not wildly vain. I am just forgetful. Days and weeks go by and people and places around me are constantly changing. Houses get renovated from rubble to home, baby follows bump and one generation follows another. Life flies by and so taking pictures, for someone forgetful like me is the only way to record moments… to spark conversations about years gone by when I’m old and grey.

I shoot for people like me. People who are after a natural and honest representation of how life is at this moment in time. Not just a cheesy grin but a piece of very personal art. Something that tells you about the people, their personality and their relationships with other people or places.  This may be for family or for a growing business.

Whatever the subject, the story is personal.

I’m shy too!

As I mentioned above I am not a vain person.  In fact I am really quite shy and am not massively keen on being on the other side of the camera. For this reason I am able to empathise with my clients who value the importance of photography but might not be very keen on the process.

In my shoots, regardless of if they are a family shoot, boudoir, musician or commercial lifestyle shoot, I go to great lengths to make sure you are relaxed and at ease.  This is when the natural imagery is created that you will love.

Location based shoots:

All my shoots are carried out on location to give a truly personal experience built around you, making your images that bit different from everyone else’s.

It is amazing the little nooks and crannies that you find in Devon tucked away. I get to experience some of Devon’s most beautiful surroundings from beaches to moorland, to woodland, farmland to people’s own, very individual homes.

Beautiful products:

As you will read on my products page I am very keen that people come away with something physical from their session rather than digital files. I have spent considerable time researching some of the finest craftsmen to deliver

these products- anything from print boxes to framed artwork, storyboards to fine art books.  You will come away with something really beautiful to tell your story and pass down through generations. Come and find out more here.

A bit about me:

I am a born and bred Devonshire lass. Mum to the little bundles of energy that are Josh and Josie and wife to the lovely Matt (who doubles up as my IT expert). My favourite place in the world is the beach. I have a hunger for travel but I can also be found on a weekend happily digging over the veggie patch, pottering in my greenhouse or having wheel barrow races with our neighbours children. In between the chaos of just living each day I love to shoe horn in a little time for cooking, baking and (when the little people goes to bed ontime) sewing. I know, very rock and roll!

I thank my Mum for recording my family story for me to keep and pass down through generations – first steps, the birthdays, holidays and all the little things (which are the big things) in between. In doing so she has instilled the importance of photography in me to record my own story and that of others.  You can find out more about me in the ‘About Jess’ gallery below.

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