We as a family have sat around a table and passed old photographs and albums around. In doing so we talked about people, places and the relationships we shared. We have laughed and cried over these photographs. They are a part of our history and looking at them brings us together as a family.

Products in your hand

At the very heart of this photography business of mine is the genuine desire for people to have something physical, that you can touch to help you remember. Something that can be handed down through generations in a similar way that our grandparents photographs have been handed down to us.  So I want you to come away with a little bit of history so that you too might one day huddle around your kitchen table and talk about people and places with your family, their children and many generations that follow.

Passing around our old family photos

Digital Options

Thumbnail sized images

Digital files do, of course, have an important role to play alongside these physical family heirlooms in sharing our family photographs with friends and family in a new way. This is why when you buy any image as part of a product or print you will receive a low resolution file ready for social media or to keep as memories on your phone. (Not suitable for printing – please see below for print ready files)

Printable high resolution digital files

For those of you who are interested in printing your own images I now provide the option to purchase high res digital files as part of the product range. (please note that the low-res files mentioned above are watermarked and not suitable for printing). All high resolution digital files purchased are supplied with a 7×5 in physical print so you always have something to keep.

Choosing a product to suit you

Because everyone wants to use their images in a different way we offer a flexible à la carte approach to creating your family heirlooms. You can opt for either:

Our Design Service

Choose your favourite images from your online gallery.

Hand over the design and production work to us to create your heirlooms from our range of stunning, hand picked products. Choose from books, albums, mounted print boxes, frames or large panel prints- all outlined in the downloadable product brochure.

Have your frames delivered ready to hang or your books ready to put on the coffee table.

This option takes the hassle out of the process and makes sure your images make it to the walls or books! Job done.

Our design service
Do it yourself option

Do It Yourself Option

Be creative and order prints to frame yourself or go for our digital file option which allows you to take your images and create your own heirlooms.

Offers ultimate flexibility for those with a vision and drive to complete the job themselves!

Also good for those wishing to have a digital back up of their files.  Digital package options outlined in the downloadable product brochure.

Product Price Guide

Prints, digitals, books and albums:

Prints (archive quality): – starting from £12/ print

Digital Files (high resolution & printable) (includes a 7x5in print) – starting at £25

Portrait Books – starting from £320

Fine Art Albums – starting from £550

Display / Wall Art

Framed Artwork – starting from £210

Large Panel Prints – starting from £250

Unbound Albums (mounted print box) – starting from £395

Contact us for a full detailed product brochure and price list.

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