FAQs about our children and families sessions

1. How many people can be involved in a session?

Most people shoot their session with immediate family to get a really great variety and choice of imagery. Depending on what you’d like to achieve as a family we could potentially shoot images with each parent, siblings, family group images, couples images for parents and individual portraits of the children.

There is no limit on the number of people involved in a shoot. Many shoot the extended family for a special occasion such as a significant birthday or a rare family get together. Just be aware that the more people are involved will lessen the variety, particularly of the candid shots possible in the shoot time.

2. How do I choose the location for our shoot?

It is up to you where you shoot your session. It may be a specific favourite spot to go as a family or a favourite kind of place like the beach or moor. Wherever you feel most comfortable. You may prefer to stay at home and record your family in the backdrop of the rooms of your everyday life. Good locations have a variety of backgrounds, some open space, shady areas and lashings of light! If you’re not sure just ask!

3. How long will my session be?

Our standard sessions are 1 hour long which is usually sufficient to get a good variety of imagery. Should you feel you’d like longer or to work in more than one location please get in touch to discuss.

4. What should I wear?

I don’t believe in prescribing what people should wear for their sessions. Wear what is most comfortable for you. The only thing I suggest is not to wear anything with big logos on it or big bold colours or patterns as this can be really distracting in your images as your eye will be drawn to that rather than the emotion in the imagery.

5. Do I, as a parent have to be in the pictures?

As you will have sussed out by now I am keen that parent get involved in a few images at least, even if you are super shy and prefer to be in the background. I feel it is important that parents exist in photographs so their children have memories when they grow up of their childhood and the presence of their parents. They will not care about the insecurities that we may carry about how we look or what we are wearing. They will simply want to see that you are there and witness the love that you share.

6. Do you offer a smaller package with a shorter session?

Occasionally I offer a mini session day which comprises a shorter session length at a lower shoot price. The dates for these will be posted on the blog as and when they are planned. If you would like to be notified of the dates once they have been released please do get in touch.

Otherwise you might consider sharing your session with another family (see below)

7. Can you share your session with another family?

For those looking for a little update to their collection or those wanting just a little selection of images you might consider sharing a session with another family. 30 mins each. Both shoots must take place at consecutive 30min slots in the same location on the same date.

8. Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes we do! Gift vouchers are available for any amount towards a session fee or product. A gift that lasts a lifetime… and beyond. Contact us for a beautiful presentation gift card.

9. Do you shoot family events?

Yes. Many use these sessions as an opportunity to build up a bank of family heirloom photographs at family events and celebrations, like significant birthdays – a rare opportunity to get everyone together. Everyone can order separately from the online gallery – ideal for those whose families are dispersed across the country or indeed world!

10. How much retouching do you do and is it included in the price?

Whilst all images are post produced to create a certain look to the imagery, the overall feel for the images is very natural so I don’t do any skin smoothing etc. That said, if you have issues with scars, blemishes, stretch marks or bruises that you’d like addressing then please do talk to me about it at the shoot. The emphasis is on creating flattering poses and lighting to highlight your best features rather than doing lots of post production and body re shaping afterwards. If there’s something you feel particularly self-conscious about please let me know.

11. Will we still get good images if we are all a bit shy?

As someone who is camera shy myself I pride myself in being understanding, friendly, approachable and able to quickly put people at ease so you can enjoy the session and get the most out of it. I will encourage a bit of activity on a shoot, especially with children to help create some really natural moments. This may be as simple as walking but enough to forget that I’m there.

12. If we order a book or album can we choose our images?

Yes if you order a book or album you can select your images from your online gallery and save them to your favourites folder. I will then take your final list and design your layouts adjusting colours and cropping to make beautiful spreads. You will have the opportunity to review these spreads and suggest any adjustments required before it is sent to print.

13. How do we choose our images?

Once your images have been post produced you will receive an email with a link to an online gallery. Here you can view and order your prints and digital files.

14. What is the turn around times for your products?

Once you have signed off your design work at the preview stage we aim to get your books and albums ready for collection from the studio within 6 weeks and frames within 4 weeks. Prints are usually turned around within 2-3 weeks.

15. Are the files supplied in colour or black and white?

During your shoot you will be asked about your preference for colour or black and white post production. I will process them accordingly. Most people ask for a mix of colour and black and white.

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I highly recommend Perspectives Photography. The end product is beautiful and Jess is very talented at capturing special moments. She is a pleasure to work with and makes the shoot feel comfortable and natural without any awkward pressure. We have had three shoots with her and we’re very happy. – Triona


I would like to say that some of the best shots you have taken of us have been when we are not looking straight into the camera.  When we went on our 1st photo shoot with you we were worried it may have looked too staged, but you instantly made us feel relaxed, and allowed us to just carry on as normal.  You have a very calm manner and fall back approach, with subtle guidance so as to not interfere, which could have been quite challenging with our inquisitive 2 year old!  You took on-board what we were hoping to achieve during the shoot and we could not be happier with the results, – Sheelpa


Jess is such a warm and kind person, usually I hate have my picture taken but she made me feel so comfortable, talking and taking pictures to keep me relaxed. I really love the pictures and will definitely be back for more. – Laura


Jess is such a fantastic photographer. You can tell how much passion she has for her job as soon as you meet her, and her beautiful portraits speak for themselves. Jess is such a warm person who instantly puts everyone at ease on a photo shoot. She really cares about her clients and manages to capture people’s spirits in her pictures. She has that rare gift of finding the beauty in the everyday moments. Jess always goes over and above to provide a quality service from start to finish and has given our family truly precious heirlooms that will be forever captured in a frame. I am eternally grateful to her for that and wholeheartedly recommend Perspectives Photography. Thank you Jess x  – Helen


In a word, wow! Jess takes such amazing photos and is great at putting you at ease in front of the camera. She’s photographed our wedding and both of our children as babies as has produced some truly lovely photos we’ll cherish forever. Thanks Jess!  – Ali

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