FAQs about our commercial sessions

1. How do I select my images?

You will be able to view a galley of all the images from your session on an online gallery which you will receive a link for via email.  You can select your favourites by clicking on the heart in the gallery.  There is also an option to leave a note on a file in case there is anything specific you’d like addressing with that particular image.  Once you have selected all the ones you want there is a button to let me know you have completed your selection.  I will go through these images and carry out a detailed edit on them before sending them to you via a ‘We Transfer’ email link.

2. Can I buy additional images on top of those included in the hourly rate package?

Yes, you can.   There is a small charge for additional images to cover the additional time required to carry out a detailed edit on the final high resolution files that you receive.   

3. How much retouching do you do on your portraits and is it included in the price?

The initial set of images that you will see on your gallery will have a very basic amount of editing to allow you to select your favourite images in terms of posing and facial expression.  I like to offer as much variety as I can at this stage as everyone sees themselves in a different way and are looking for different things in their photographs. 

Once you have chosen your favourite images, I take time to go through and carry out some more detailed retouching including removal of stray hairs, prominent spots etc.  I do not however do too much in the way of skin smoothing or body reshaping as I believe images should be as natural as possible.  If you have a specific concern please do let me know.

There is no additional cost for the detailed editing outlined above for your included 10 files per hour.  If you require additional images on top of these included files there is a small charge payable to cover the detailed editing required to make it print ready for you. If you have more detailed/ involved post production that you require please do let me know and I can give a quote. 

4. What should I wear?

For a commercial headshot session I would recommend wearing something fairly neutral and to avoid anything too bright or with big logos on it as your eye will be drawn to it when you really want to draw your eye to the face.  You can bring a different jacket or scarf if you want to go for a couple of different looks for your shoot. 

For the bespoke sessions I would recommend thinking about how you want to come across in your workplace – are you an artisan craftsman or do you need a smarter, more formal look.  That will really depend on the type of business you have.  Either way I would still recommend nothing too bold/ logos. 

5. How long will my session be?

The length of your session will depend on how many elements you need to cover.  Please contact me and I can give you a feel for how long each element might take.  

6. Do I have to be in the pictures?

If you are a small business I would recommend that you are included in some of your photographs even if just discreetly.  If you are uncomfortable about being photographed then I would just get you doing something related to your work so it is more of an environmental portrait rather than just a straight at camera image. But I feel it is important, for small business owners to be included as it is all about being personal and people buying into you as a business. 

7. Do you do just a product session?

Your session can be made up of whatever elements you like.  If you just need product images then I can certainly do this – see examples on the commercial gallery page.  Styling is very important for product shots, especially if you want a lifestyle look to them.  I have a stylist that I have used before and it has really enhanced the imagery when it is all carefully thought out. Please let me know if you require this service and I can pass her details on to you.  Or you may be creative and like to do it yourself!  

8. Where do you carry out your sessions?

All our sessions are carried out on location so we would look to use your work place or home.  If shooting headshots indoors I just need some clear space by a window as I shoot naturally lit (without studio lights).  If shooting outdoors then I would be looking for interesting backdrops, green wash backgrounds and, possible shelter from the rain! 

If shooting ‘environmental portraits’ then I shoot everything, if possible where it usually happens in the workplace. 

9. What is the turn around times for your sessions?

It depends on other work commitments but I try to get your initially gallery online within a week of your session.  If you need them sooner than that then let me know and I will see what I can do diary permitting! 

10. Are the files supplied in colour or black and white?

Within your initial consultation we will discuss how you would like your images to be post produced in terms of colour or black and white.  You may like a film look or a clean edit, you may like lots of contrast or a softer look.  I would suggest having a look on the commercial galleries and letting me know which style you like. 

It is important to think about how you are using your images.  I personally love the film look to stylise a brand and website.  But you just need to consider if you are shooting for your Instagram feed, if mixing a stylised look with photographs you are taking on your phone (which may be more a clean ‘as is’ look) then they may not sit together very well.  You may decide that some images are stylised for your website and then rest are clean edits to sit alongside other images you are taking yourself for social media.

If in doubt please ask and we can talk it through! 

If you have any further queries that we have not covered here on the website please do get in touch and I would be happy to advise you.



Jess is a joy to work with, not only because she is a lovely person but because her work is nothing short of exceptional. We have worked together on several commercial projects and each time I can be 100% confident that the photographs will be perfection. Jess is able to capture details you wouldn’t think possible. Her eye and creativity are second to none and her style so versatile she can adapt to any project flawlessly. I have no hesitation in recommending Jess to all of my clients and the results are always stunning. – Casey at Oyster and Pearl Design


I had a commercial shoot with Jess and cannot recommend her highly enough. She was a pleasure to work with. Jess worked so hard to fulfil everything I needed for a new website. She had to work with both the weather, children and animals, alongside the rest of the brief, and did it all with ease. Thanks so much Jess!  – Rachel, Old Trickey’s Flower Farm

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