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Commercial Lifestyle

Why have a Commercial Lifestyle Shoot?

It is well documented that photography has an important impact on the professionalism of your brand. You have a matter of seconds to engage someone when they hit your website – an image could be the difference between someone staying on your website or clicking on to another more professional looking site. I aim to create imagery to help generate interest in you and your brand. To tell a story about what makes you unique. And to do it artistically.

Who do I shoot for?

My commercial shoots are designed for small businesses like myself.  A million miles away from office-based corporations, small business have the benefit of having some really unique qualities that makes them different – be it people, processes, products or places. You might be a fashion designer, a cabinet maker, a florist, a boutique hotelier or an organic farmer. Whatever your industry there is something there that makes you unique. Your story.

I personally have spent considerable time researching suppliers for my own business. This was a really eye opening experience. I found myself drawn to the businesses which told their story. Those that provided a behind the scenes look at the business – that showed the work place, the care and attention that went into crafting the products and services and the people who were actually involved. I was fascinated by it and was drawn to them as a supplier as I bought into their whole business ethos. I developed a much stronger personal connection with them than I did companies who simply showed one product picture and a price.

Through my commercial shoots I aim to create a set of images that tell your story. Use these to strengthen your brand through your website, promotional materials and of course, for your own little record of history. These are the photographs of the future which show where it all started!

What is involved?

The commercial shoots are highly personalised to your requirements. I take time at the beginning of the process to understand you and your business.

An initial consultation will establish exactly what your business is about, the processes that you go through with your products, and how you want to come across to your customers. Consideration will be given to what sort of images you need for different purposes and what format they are needed in.

You may some need images for website, social media, magazine promotions (advertorials, adverts, features), wall art for premises or brochures. Understanding your own specific requirements is very important and influences how I shoot on the day.

The sorts of imagery that people often ask for includes:

  • Environmental portraits of you working in your business
  • Images of the process you go through to craft your product/ service
  • Your premises
  • Your tools/ raw materials
  • A selection of lifestyle product images (showing your product in their natural environment – e.g. a book on a coffee table)
  • Portraits – including social media headshot if required

The shoot itself takes approximately 3 hours depending on your criteria and all images will be post produced and supplied to you in high res digital format for you to use as you wish. Should you wish to display your images as wall art in your premises I can assist with selecting a suitable display option.

Previous commercial lifestyle shoots

To view a range of commercial lifestyle images please go to the gallery. To see the variety that can be achieved from a session please look below at two of my favourite commercial lifestyle shoots – for BARK (Designer makers) and for Abide (a fashion label).


£150  The basics:  This session is designed to provide you with a selection of relaxed, informal business portraits (head and shoulders) for your commercial use.  The session last 30 minutes and you will be provided with a set of files from which to select 5 high res files for you to use as you please.  If you need location shots, environmental portraits, product photography or process images then please look at the bespoke service below.

£650  The Bespoke Service: This service is tailored around what you need to capture for your specific business. Select from environmental portraiture, product lifestyle images, the processes involved in your business, your tools, materials, your premises, your staff, social media headshots and other images which tell your story.  You may need just a few elements of the above or you may need the full set, particularly if you are just starting out.  Your session package will be built around your needs and is charged at £650 per day.  Your session includes a pre-shoot consultation to plan out your shoot and establish your specific needs and will result in all images post produced and supplied in high res format for you to use as you wish.


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