Why I shoot emotion in family photo shoots

Why I shoot emotion in family photo shoots

I always think it is important in life to know your ‘why’.  Why do we do the things we do the way we do.  The ‘why’ is what motivates us.  People often ask me why I shoot the way that I do.  Why I shoot on location, why I shoot emotion rather than just traditional smiley child portraits. 

My ‘why’ comes from me.  It comes from thinking about what I want from my own family photographs.  My grandparents may have wanted a straight ‘at the camera’ smiley face image. Whilst I value this for the sake of recording family history, I am interested in capturing much more.  I want to remember emotion, that faraway look on my child’s face as they are deep in thought.   I want to remember how we are together.  I want to feel emotion when I look at the images not just see a face.

With my mummy goggles on I seek out beautiful candid portraits and moments of connection and love that I see before me. I am thinking constantly about what I myself would like to remember as a mum. Not only the faces, the details and things that we love to do, but the connection and the love between us.  I hope this candid imagery will show future generations what it feels like to be part of this family today.

If you would like to capture some emotive imagery of your family you can find out more by viewing our inspirational pdf here packed full of information and beautiful imagery to inspire you to create your own shoot.  You can also view further examples of emotive imagery on our galleries on our Children and Families page on the website.  

If I can help you capture the connection in your family please do get in touch.  I’d love to work with you!