Creating connections in emotive imagery

Creating connections in emotive imagery

When I photograph people I am always looking for connections.  I want my images to be emotive. To my mind that is what makes a photograph powerful.  Capturing relationships between people and the character of individuals.  Mummy or Daddy with her son or daughter, the whole family together as a unit and siblings. There is no rule book on how to do this but I find when I am photographing my clients that by giving them space by shooting on a long lens from further away really helps.  I would find some nice light to pop them in or maybe just ask them to have a walk along the beach.  I then encourage people to just talk, just be with each other.  Parents know what makes their children laugh or how to get the best and most genuine cuddle or kiss.  They know that throwing stones in the sea is one of their favourite things and will relax them enough to forget I am even there.  Expressions do not always have to be animated…. often I find, especially with children that when left to it they can wonder off into a little world of their own, quietly contemplating life. Often these distant gazes can create the most beautiful moments.

This shoot that I did recently is the perfect example of how connections can be captured. The love within this family is clear for all to see and is captured here for all time.

If you would like to create some emotive family images please do pop along to the website and check out our on location portrait sessions in the Family and Children’s collection 

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