Quick tips for taking better portraits: What to wear

Quick tips for taking better portraits: What to wear

I am often asked what to wear on portrait shoots and I always reply to keep things simple. Clothing wise I suggest avoiding too many different patterns and definitely no brash logos. This is not me being a control freak.

I like my portraits to be about people, a reminder of how they look at a given time and how their character comes out in their facial expressions. I am looking for connections between people. Now, if my subject is wearing brash logos or has a very bright or busy pattern going on my eye is drawn to that and the person or people become secondary. So today’s tip is to keep things simple.

You can see more examples of where clothing has assisted in the overall feel of the image without distracting the viewers eye in my children and families gallery on my website.

More tips coming soon!  In the meantime if you’d like to create some artwork and memories of your family please do get in touch on 01392 464519 or email me on info@perspectivesphotography.co.uk

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